What is Changing

We’re excited to announce some significant changes at Community Covenant. Over the past 13+ months, we have been discerning the future of our relationship with Crossview. After much prayer and discussion, the Community Covenant Leadership team—comprised of Amy Deike, Becca Roe, Steve Rustad, and Jon Steele—along with Pastors Sandi and Brian Asker, feel that God is inviting us to redefine our partnership with Crossview. This new direction will involve establishing our own governance and managing our own finances while continuing to partner in other ways such as youth group. If you’re interested you can read more about the reasons for this transition below.

The transition will take place over the next several weeks, and we need your help to complete these steps as soon as possible:

  1. Transition your giving to Community Covenant: https://communitycov.church/give
  2. If you have a recurring gift in our old system, let us know when you have setup your giving on the new platform and we will cancel your old gift: https://communitycov.church/cancel
  3. Download our new app: https://communitycov.church/app

Volunteer requests should also start coming from our new system. You can respond to requests in the email or text you receive, or in the mobile app.

Watch the video announcement we showed at each church on Sunday, June 23, 2024

Why Community Covenant?

We are grateful for the history of Community Covenant . Crossview has been dreaming and praying about planting a church since it began 135 years ago.
The Askers have been dreaming about planting a church along with the Evangelical Covenant Church, for years.  For the past 13 months, we have been in a discernment process about whether Community Covenant should form our own governance and redefine our partnership with Crossview.

The Community Covenant leadership team believes that God is inviting us to step out in faith and wanted to share why

  • The feeling that our vision, mission & values at Community Covenant have become distinct and individual. We have and will keep Crossview DNA, but just as a child grows up and establishes its own identity; we have been growing up for the past 5 years.
  • A second reason is about leaders.  We want to empower more leaders and we want those leaders to be from the community which will be most impacted by those decisions.
  • A third reason revolves around the belief that this choice will enhance its dependence on the Lord.  
  • Finally, we believe having a Community Covenant budget will create clarity around our ability to support future church plants. 

We came here with a dream to start a church planting network. For us, that meant a group of individual churches choosing to partner together for the sake of the mission. That’s why we want to emphasize that we want to remain in close partnership with Crossview.  There are many ways we will continue to connect people to Jesus.

Redefining Partnership

Here are ways we are discussing our partnership with Crossview:

  • nextgen resources: Youth Group, Confirmation Retreats, Lake Beauty and special events
  • church planting
  • the Global 6k and all things World Vision
  • sermon series and sermon preparation
  • classes such as Alpha marriage and Grief groups
  • community outreach events
  • local mission partnerships

Many people have asked us about youth group. We will host 3 summer youth connection events for Community Covenant students as another option for connection. We know that starting new ministries help connect new people to Jesus. We will also continue going to and inviting friends to Crossview for youth group.