We grow our capacity to connect with God by joining with others in worship, by reading our Bibles, through prayer and other spiritual disciplines. Worship is part of how we encourage people to grow spiritually and it’s one segment of our spiritual development pathway. For more information, you can check out how we do church

Worship Together | Read Your Bible | Prayer and other Spiritual Disciplines

For other specific ways we encourage people to grow spiritually check out the other areas of our pathway:

Connecting with Others | Connecting with a Purpose | Connect through Generosity


We worship together

In Acts 2:42, the early church “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”

That’s why on Sunday mornings when we gather for worship, we spend time in the Bible, we pray for one another, we take communion (break bread) and we connect with others (fellowship).  We do this also through music and the conversations that take place.

Because we want to be a multi-ethnic church where people from every nation and tribe are included you will notice we honor cultures in various ways, such as singing songs in different languages and styles.  We hope to also be a multi-generational church.  You will notice children woven into the worship service and youth serving on stage or behind the scenes.

You can join us at church online or in person.

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It’s great to gather at a worship service once a week and connect with God, but what about the rest of the week? That’s where reading your Bible, prayer and other spiritual disciplines help us maintain our connection with God throughout the week.

You can do that in a community group, or on your own. If you’ve never read your Bible, that’s okay. Start by reading a gospel, like Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Consider starting at chapter 1 of John and reading as far as you can each day for a month. Reading the same thing everyday will help you understand more and more of the story each day. Reading bigger chunks of scripture also helps us understand the larger story of God.

If you struggle reading, consider an audio version. Listen as you drive around in your car.

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In prayer we have a chance to talk to God, the creator of the world. That means prayer can be so much more than a list of our requests. It can include thankfulness, confession and time spent listening to what God wants to say to me today.

Spiritual disciplines are practices or habits that help us connect with God. There are inward practices like meditation and prayer. Outward practices like simplicity and solitude and there are corporate practices like confession and celebration. 

While we try to teach some of these practices, they are often best caught, not taught. That’s why we would love to help you connect with a mentor who can help you grow in your spiritual practices.

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You can also find prayer resources on our mobile app.