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What Are Your Priorities?

How do you prioritize your money? Often, we don’t think about how we prioritize our money, and our management of it, but it tends to take on a natural flow.  This is how we generally handle our money:

  1. Spend

  2. Repay Debt

  3. Pay Taxes

  4. Save

  5. Give

When it should probably look more like this:

  1. Give

  2. Save

  3. Pay Taxes

  4. Repay Debt

  5. Spend

The reason for the inverted order is that if you do the top two properly, not only do the bottom three become easier to execute, they will actually cost you less!  Giving will make you feel good, lower your tax liability, and help you to better appreciate the money you do have.


Next Steps


  • Healthy finances begin with a plan. Crown Financial has a good guide to getting started with making a budget for your household.

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  • Automate your giving
  • Get started now with supporting the mission of our church. No gift is too small so pick a starting point and begin today!

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