Volunteer Job Descriptions

If you’re volunteering, we want to provide clarity about what we’re asking you to do.

Wins and Markers vs Job Description

Below, you’re going to see Wins and Markers alongside Job Descriptions. Each provides helpful insight into what we’re hoping to do. Wins and Markers help us keep us focused on what really matters. Job description are a detailed guide. We know that when you’re serving, something may come up that doesn’t fit in our neat job description.  We want to empower you to make decisions that help move the mission forward. The win reminds us about what is most important. If your decision helps facilitate the win, then you made a good decision. We would love to hear about it, maybe we will incorporate it into the job description! Markers are the tangible outcomes if we’re accomplishing the win.

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Roadie Team

People who serve on this team create an environment where people can connect with Jesus. As a mobile church, we setup and tear down all of our equipment every week. It’s a lot of fun to transform a meeting space into a sacred space.

Wins and Markers

Primary win: create an environment where people can connect with God


  • it’s tidy / clean
  • people can find their way
  • we’re ready to welcome people at 9:30am
  • the setup minimizes distractions

Video Setup

Video Setup Diagram

Audio Setup

Sound System Setup

NextGen Ministry

People who serve on our nextgen team help people ages birth-teen to connect with Jesus. You can serve as a mentor for teens, teach Sunday school or play with toddlers. All of our nextgen team members help create space for kids and youth connect to Jesus.






Wins: to create an environment where kids feel safe so that the parents can engage in the adult worship experience



  • Children feel safe and nurtured in our care
  • The parents feel they have a safe environment to bring the young children, which allows them to engage in the church community (small groups, serving etc.)
  • Children hear that Jesus loves them and are prayed for.
  • Zero safety incidents

Printable Job Description

Nursery Helper

Student Helper



K-6th Grade



Win: to create an environment where kids feel safe about learning how to connect with Jesus



  • Kids feel safe
  • Kids hear that Jesus loves them
  • Adults pray for or with kids
  • Kids come back and bring friends

Printable Job Description

Sunday School Teacher

Sunday School Helper



Students (7th-12th Grade)



Win: to create an environment where students can connect with God and other students



  • Students connect with church peers outside of church
  • Students serve at church
  • Students connect with an adult who they feel comfortable asking faith questions
  • Students come back and invite friends

Printable Job Description

Confirmation Teacher

Confirmation Helper



Hospitality (Host Team)

We have online hosts and in person hosts. Some hosts greet, others help people find a seat. All of our host team members help people connect to Jesus by creating a welcoming space for people.

Wins and Markers

Primary Win: Creating a welcoming environment where people can meet Jesus

Measurable Wins:

  • Wow people with personal encounter (open a door, walk them to )
  • Pray before, during and after serving
  • Have fun
  • Make it tidy
  • Help people take a next step in faith (continued growth in serving, small groups, membership, etc.)

First Impressions


Primary Win: Create a welcoming environment for guests by offering a sincere greeting and acknowledging each guest as they enter the building


Measurable Wins:

  • Guests don’t open a door for themselves
  • Guests are seen (we look them in the eye)
  • Guests feel warmth (they’re greeted with a smile)
  • Guests feel personally welcome (we try to greet them in a personal way)

Printable Job Description



Primary Win: create a welcoming environment for guests by greeting them and offering assistance to make engaging with the service both easy and distraction-free.


Measurable Wins:

  • You’ll never have to find your own seat at Crossview, we’ll do that for you
  • Always ready to serve people in the worship center: before, during and after services
  • Meeting 1-2 new people and introduce yourself
  • Have fun

Printable Job Description





Primary Win: Create a welcoming environment for guests by providing quality refreshments while interacting with each guest that approaches the café area.


Measurable Wins:

  • Check-in with people
  • Serving people coffee & refreshments personally
  • Clean as you go
  • Laugh

Printable Job Description





Primary Win: People are reminded of God’s love through the holy sacrament of communion


Measurable Wins:

  • People receive a piece of bread
  • People receive the cup
  • Cleanliness

Printable Job Descriptions

Prep Communion Bread

Communion Setup

Serving Communion




Online Host

Primary Win: Create a welcoming environment for guests to meet Jesus


Measurable Wins:

  • Greeting all guests
  • Gathering contact information
  • Encouraging engagement (asking questions that engage sermon/content)
  • Pray with guests

Printable Job Description

Church Online Host

Facebook Host


Production Team

People who serve on this team help people connect with Jesus by helping people see and hear the story of Jesus. You can run the livestream, operate a camera or run the sound system.